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Instagram Account Lock – Why it Happens and What to Do

(Updated February 18, 2022)

In recent weeks, Instagram has cracked down on users who have violated their Community Guidelines. As a part of this process, Instagram casts a wide net around certain areas, so many users who have not actually violated anything are also getting an Instagram Account Lock notification. Here’s how to know if you have actually violated Instagram’s Community Guidelines and what to do if your account has been locked.

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Global Facebook and Instagram API Outage

UPDATE: Facebook has fixed the problem on their end so all posts should be going out as usual. Please let us know if you still experience any issues with your SRD Social posts. March 15, 2019 – 10:04 am

Facebook Post Privacy Bug

We have found a bug in the way our system communicates with Facebook that may be affecting your Facebook posts. Here is a quick overview of the bug and what to do if you are experiencing a problem: