Removing / Hiding a Flash SWF after it’s played

I recently was tasked with either removing or hiding a Flash SWF movie from a webpage only after it was finished playing. The reason for this was that the Flash SWF was playing in the header where a Google Custom Search bar was also supposed to be. SWF’s don’t like having things on top of them so I was presented with the aforementioned task.

After some digging and some modifying of JavaScript code, I finally found the answer. So here it is for all Flash/Web developers. Hopefully this will save you some time and help you out! Read more

Flash – it’s still around and there are still questions

As a Flash designer, it’s amazing how many times I’m asked “does anyone eve use Flash anymore?” Most people are surprised to see how much it really is still used. Try disabling your Flash Player plugin then visit some of your favorite sites and you’ll see how much it’s still used.

It’s not utilized much, if at all, for full sites because of compatibility issues, load times and SEO, to just name a few reasons. However, it is still being utilized quite frequently for portions of sites including advertisements, photo galleries, banners, etc.
With the use of it continuing, I thought I’d shard the top two questions I’m asked about Flash. Enjoy! Read more